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Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Fresh Start

This year FunkyPinks has been going through a lot of changes, my regular customers who have been with me a long time will know that the jewellery II make today is very different to what I made 18 months ago. 

Some of you may not really like that anymore, and that's OK, I've been very grateful for your custom and friendship. Some of you might think it's a vast improvement, and that's OK too :)

The short story is that I had to decide if I wanted FunkyPinks to stay as a hobby, or if I wanted to start making real money out of it and turn it into a viable business. I decided on the latter and that's why I've made so many changes.

The long story is this:

I love making jewellery, but I also have a full time job that I really love too, climbing the corporate sales ladder; it's a career I don't want to give up (I probably couldn't afford to anyway) and I'm so lucky to have it.

When I first started making in 2011 I had so many ideas and so many things I wanted to try, it really was a hobby. I loved fixing little findings together and using lots of different beads. I REALLY loved using buttons and had a wide variety of different jewellery designs that didn't really go together, I made the on a whim just because I liked them. I love making jewellery, it's my hobby, any free time I have is usually spent on my sofa in front of the TV with my lap tray, jewellery tools and beads that usually end up rolling away on our laminate floor, under the sofa, never to be seen again!

Facebook and Etsy had always been the main platform for selling my items, two years ago it was great for promoting my items, and the multiple 'networking' pages that popped up really helped to increase the likes on my page, but it was a lot of effort.  At that time in my life I was commuting 2 hours a day to London from Birmingham, so had plenty of time to post pictures of my items, and build my page, and I usually sold one or two pieces a week, and that was enough for me. 

My Old Logo

I wasn't making a profit, in fact I lost a lot of money over-spending on supplies, but I didn't mind; it was my hobby, and I loved doing it!

Christmas 2013 was a turning point for me. For the first time, without really meaning to, I created a 'range' of Christmassy themed snowflake jewellery, specifically designed to go together. My sales really took off, to the point where I almost struggled to keep up with them and I couldn't get sent them out on time! I also ran out of supplies – this had never happened before; for the first time I had sold out!

My Best Selling Bracelet Last Christmas

A New Era

My New Logo!

I closed my shop over Christmas and took a break. I decided that I really make FunkyPinks work as a legitimate business turning a real profit, and what you see today is the result!

I redesigned my logo, but kept my traditional ‘white background’ theme. I really needed to improve my photographs and make them look more consistent throughout, so my brand image was clear.

I created new product lines, my personalised button necklaces had always sold steadily throughout 2013, so this was the basis for my personalised jewellery. Throughout the year I update the designs to reflect the seasons trends and events like Mother’s Day and Easter, which is still in keeping with the FunkyPinks of old!

So far, things are going really well, and now I’m about to re-launch my website (for the third time) now I have a clear direction that I want to take business!

Onwards and upwards!

The New FunkyPinks

Here's some of my new designs!


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