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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Jewellery Gift Boxes & Packaging

Regular customers will know that most of my jewellery arrives in a gift box of some description, it works well for me as I know the jewellery will be kept safe in transit, and also it will be nicely presented when it arrives (hopefully!).

My favourites are the small kraft boxes, I think they have a 'crafty' feel and I'm now going to use them in all of my photography to help make my pieces instantly recognisable on Etsy. This worked so well recently when I was trying to improve my product photos!

I used to add coloured tissue paper to the inside (FunkyPinks classic!) and tie a piece of string around them to add a little extra touch. 

Now, I use stripey paper bags, and add some hot pink ribbon, some of my customers have fed back that they loved it as they didn't need to gift wrap the jewellery, so that's here to stay!

I'll be adding some gift tags too, and over the next few months investing in some stamps to decorate the tags too! Here's one I made up for my teacher gifts!

Coupled with my business cards, my standard packaging is starting to take shape!

My jewellery is available for sale through my Etsy shop and on my website www.funkypinks.co.uk