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Monday, 18 April 2016

Spring is here!

Today has been a beautiful day in the West Midlands, and it's inspired me to share my Spring Garden jewellery. (plus I'm rubbish at posting regularly, so I needed a push!)

 Spring Jewellery

There's lots of new designs in my shop right now, from watering cans to ladybirds there's all sorts of garden inspired jewellery that's perfect for Spring!

 Bird House Jewellery

Birds are a favourite of mine, and I couldn't resist these cute Bird House charms.

 Insect Jewellery

Probably my least favourite things in the garden are the bugs, but Ladybirds, Butterflies and Bees are the exception!
 Sunflower Jewellery

How about some Sunflowers to brighten your day?

 Gardening Jewellery

And don't forget to water everything with your Watering Cans! I often forget to do this... although I do live in Britain and it practically rains every day so I don't have too much to worry about!

 Nature Inspired Jewellery

Lastly, mix it up with some pretty themed trinket jewellery. 

Happy Gardening Everyone!