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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Best Sellers of 2015

I've been busy planning for 2016, and I decided to do a bit of analysis on my best sellers of last year.

I had a few surprises, it's funny how I've been sitting making jewellery all year, not realising which pieces I'm making the most of!

Here's the top 5 of 2015:

Number 5 - Snowflake Jewellery

These have been a best seller for two years in a row now, originally inspired by the movie Frozen. They are also popular as Winter wedding jewellery for Bridesmaids and Flower girls.

 Snowflake Necklace  Snowflake Bracelet  Snowflake Earrings

Number 4 - Mother Daughter

As Mother's Day is just around the corner, I will be soon relaunching my Mother Daughter range on my website, it's currently only available on Etsy. This was probably my biggest surprise, I had no idea I had made so many of these sets! Mainly featuring mother and baby bird charms my Mother Daughter Jewellery can be personalised with initials, beads and birthstones.

 Mother Daughter Birthstones  Mother Charm Bracelet  Mother Daughter Necklaces

Number 3 - Sister Jewellery

I made my first Sister Necklace for my own sister as a Christmas present a few years ago, I had a few leftover and tried them out on Etsy... and the rest is history!

 Sister Jewellery  Sister Jewellery  Sister Jewellery

Number 2 - Bridesmaid & Flower Girl

My Bridesmaid Jewellery was the beginning of what FunkyPinks is today, thanks to a few custom requests for bridesmaid jewellery a few years ago. Since then I've expanded my range in this category, an I love putting together new pieces for themed weddings!

 Bridesmaid Jewellery  Flower Girl Jewellery  Wedding Jewellery

Drum roll...

Number 1 - Birthday Jewellery

This surprised me, as I expected my wedding jewellery to be number one, but my Birthday Jewellery has one by a clear mile!

I love my birthday and birthstone charms, and the hand stamped pieces are particularly popular. These designs can be combined and personalised in any way, and customised to any birthday age.

 Birthday Jewellery  Birthday Jewellery  Birthday Jewellery

I also have set birthday charms that can be personalised with coloured beads and different shaped charms, which are also very popular!

 Birthday Jewellery  Birthday Jewellery  Birthday Jewellery

As always, you can find my jewellery on the FunkyPinks Website and on Etsy, any questions drop me an email: kirsty@funkypinks.co.uk