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Thursday, 2 July 2015

21 Bracelets for 21 Bridesmaids

This week I had one of the biggest orders I've ever had from a beautiful Bride to Be!

She wanted 21 Heart Charm Bracelets for her 21 Bridesmaids, all in personalised gift boxes.

Making up an order of this size takes about 2-3 hours, and I find the most efficient way to pull it all together is to set up a production line, of course I have my trusty Lapdog Tray to help me out!

First things first, getting the bracelets ready. All of my jewellery pieces are made by hand, as I build them to the customers specifications, so each bracelet needs building separately.

I lay out the pieces I need to build them and start putting them together; I tend to start with the clasps and the extension chains and drop to finish.

Then I lay out the chain and attach the pieces together to make the bracelets. This customer wanted them all standard sizing but I can make them in any length.

Next, the charms. The customer tells me the initials that each bracelet needs to have, and I lay them all out with the shaped charms and start attaching them to the bracelets.

I then make the beads into charms. I use a simple rolled loop to secure the beads and add them to the bracelets.

Et Voila! 21 personalised bracelets all ready for packing!

Gift Boxes
The Bride-to-Be also asked for a Personalised Gift Box for each bracelet, so I got printing!

Then it's time to wrap them all up and get them to the post office. As this was a special order they got my special pink bags!

If you have a special order (or just want one!) then all of my jewellery is available on my Website, and selected lines are available in my Etsy Store.

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