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Friday, 21 February 2014

Is there anyone out there?

Hello! Hello! Hello...? Echo, echo, echo...
Is there anyone out there?

They say that blogging is the 21st century version of keeping a diary, but I'm wondering, will anyone even read it?
Only one way to find out... let's give it a go...

I've been making jewellery casually for the last 2 years with mixed results. It all started with a pair of button earrings I spotted in a shop and I thought to myself "I could make those myself!" So I did! 

Since then I started a Facebook page and then and Etsy shop, trying different styles with different medium, all mixed together with one constant - bold and bright colours! 

Last Christmas (2013) I sold more jewellery than I ever had before, and it was quite a surprise at the time! I had multiple orders for the same items, where previously I had made one-off pieces that took a long time to sell.

I wanted to make my little sister a necklace for Christmas, and when browsing my wholesaler I came across some awesome charms that I knew would suit us both! Thus the 'Sisters' Jewellery range was born!

The present for my little sis!

These sister necklaces have been a huge hit! I also have 'Big' sister and 'Middle' sister, and my set of 3 necklace sets have definitely been the most popular product so far this year. It's been amazing to see that other people like my funky sister designs as much as I did when I was browsing for a gift for my own sister!

This made me think about changing my product offering. I wanted to design jewellery that was simple, funky and colourful, but I also wanted to incorporate an element of personalisation.

From there I designed a few more charm necklaces, just to get me started. It was quite scary changing everything I had done before, it felt like a big risk. I'm still only a few months into my new range, and things seem to be going well, but there's always room for improvement!

The Sister Necklaces featured here are available to buy on Etsy: www.funkypinks.etsy.com