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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Gift Boxes Galore!

I love nothing more than sending out my jewellery pieces in cute gift boxes. I've spent most of last year trying different types of boxes, and I found a real love for brown 'kraft' styles; I felt they had a more of a 'handmade' crafty feel to them.

I wanted to personalise them or add to them in some way so they looked a little less boring! My jewellery has a lot of different themes, and I wanted my boxes to match them; but I needed them to be easy to make so I didn't end up spending more time on the boxes than on the jewellery!

I started to experiment with ink stamping, I used some for my Christmas wrapping and I found them really easy to make, and there are literally hundreds of rubber stamps you can get your hands on! 

I started with my Birthday Jewellery and found a gorgeous 'Happy Birthday' ink stamp from Skull & Crossbuns:

So now all of my Birthday Jewellery will come in these cute boxes, in a fancy gift bag.

My Flower Girl Jewellery boxes are my favourite!

I make all of them myself, and stamp them by hand. I've even been clever enough to make a video (something new I'm trying!)

I still have personalised boxes, which can be made up with any message or design! I have some boxes for my new Mother's Day bangles, which are a new product this month.

All of my Jewellery is for sale on my Etsy site: www.funkypinks.etsy.co.uk