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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Birthstone Jewellery is Here!

I'm so excited to finally be launching birthstone jewellery! Since I started making jewellery a few years ago I wanted to work with birthstone crystals, but couldn't justify the investment at the time.

After such a busy Summer with my bridesmaid and flower girl jewellery, I decided to take the plunge and try out a few designs to see how popular they would be, and I soon found out they were very popular!

Simple Birthstone Charm Jewellery
I've started with some simple designs, and gradually I will introduce different styles and mix the birthstones with my other charms, and cater for different budgets. 

Simple Birthstone Bracelets

I've opted for the Swarovski birthstone crystals, as they fit perfectly with the charms I currently offer. I want to expand my 'Birthday Jewellery' range, as I'm constantly being asked to make custom orders for birthday necklaces and bracelets in different styles!

Here's a peek at what I've been working on!

Hand Stamped Jewellery
Stamping is another skill I've been wanting to try my hand at (literally!) as you can see from the picture above, I'm going to be using small silver tags to stamp initials into, this will provide an additional option to my standard silver plated initial charms.

Brand new to FunkyPinks! Hand-stamped Initial charms

New Gift Boxes
I wanted to present my birthstone jewellery slightly differently to the rest of my jewellery, so I have designed a card insert for the gift box that each piece will be sent with.
The card features the corresponding month, the gem stone that the crystal represents, and the attributes.

Birthstones and their meanings:
January - Garnet - Faith, Truth & Grace

February - Amethyst - Peace, Protection & Tranquillity

March - Aquamarine - Strength, Hope & Creativity

April - Diamond - Innocence, Courage & Health

May - Emerald - Love, Success & Happiness

June - Alexandrite -Charity, Faith & Peace

July - Ruby - Nobility, Contentment & Enthusiasm

August - Peridot - Happiness, Luck & Success

September - Sapphire - Wisdom, Serenity & Truth

October - Rose Quartz - Hope, Purity & Health

November - Topaz - Fidelity, Courage & Serenity

December - Zircon - Success, Luck & Prosperity

Birthstones, months and their cards

Most of my birthstone jewellery is currently for sale in my Etsy shop, and the full range is on the FunkyPinks website!